Small but mighty! - Our pepper, salt und spice grinder WOODSTICK. The body of the WOODSTICK is made of stainless steel, whereby the surface is elaborately finely brushed ...»


Who has not experienced it? Hardly has the fresh fruit been decoratively arranged in the fruit basket, or else the wine glass filled up at home that they appear: The common fruit flies ...»


As evident from its name, when developing BBQTOGO, we placed special emphasis on a design that would be easy to take with you. This concept is underscored by the materials used and the surfaces ...»


At first glance, PI does not indicate its function. When closed, it simply decorates the wall on which it hangs - indoors or outdoors! Only when the stainless steel rails are unfolded ...»

Deutscher Design Preis

Ultimate / Ultimate Titan

For some years now we have repeatedly felt drawn to the task of bringing the ideal grinder to market, a tool for the kitchen which simply makes all the others look a bit old. We then teamed up with Akantus to tackle this project ...»


CRACKY is an original and very unusual nutcracker - a merry monster, half laughing dolphin, half tyrannosaurus rex....»

Catalogue 2015

Here you find our
as pdf for download »

Hayleys Corker

This small product can perform no less than five functions: with its inbuilt air tube, HALEY'S CORKER improves the taste and aroma of your wine when pouring it into the glass, while the integrated sieve catches cork particles, wine scale and other sediments. In summer, this sieve and the bottle closure also keep annoying insects away from the contents of your bottle when you are outside in the garden.
Hayleys Corker is now also available in a premium platinum version with metal applications featuring a stainless steel look...»


Yet another corkscrew... and a truly outstanding one! Not without reason was LONGLEVER recognized by the A.I.S. (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers) in Italy, the official Italian association of sommeliers, as one of the best corkscrews in the world; since then, it has been designated the official A.I.S. corkscrew...»

Hot Cube

HOT CUBE - a really cool pan trivet! Perfectly crafted cubes made of walnut wood and stainless steel are strung together on a cord and kept at a precise distance from one another with tiny springs - simply beautiful...»


Small but exquisite! - Our new mill series X-STICK. The body of X-STICK is made of stainless steel with a fine, elaborate, longitudinally brushed surface. The rotary knob which closes the hopper is coated with three layers of high-gloss piano varnish...»

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