products   design awards
pepper-, salt- & spicemil BBQToGO _Form 14
door stop BIG STAND _Form 10
picture hook BILL _Form 08
wall hook CAPTAIN HOOK _Design Plus 93
bottle opener DISC _Design Plus 94
bottle opener DISC _Design Auswahl 94
bottle opener DISC _Design Center Stuttgart
bottle opener DISC _Deutscher Designer Club
flytrap FLY STOP _Form 14
garden thermometer GARDEN DISC GLAS _Form 10
trivet HOT CUBE _Form 12
champagne stopper PINO _Design Zentrum 91
champagne stopper PINO _Design Plus 92
champagne stopper PINO _“Complimenti“ Ornaris 92
champagne stopper PINO _Industrie Forum Design 93
champagne stopper PINO _“Complimenti“ Ornaris 95
champagne stopper PINO _Good Design 95
two way hook PIN UP _Form 07
two way hook PIN UP _Designpreis der BRD
two way hook PIN UP _Good Design
two way hook PIN UP _Design Plus 07
corksrew PUIGPULL _Design Plus 98
salt shaker SALZSTREUER _Form 95
cutting board SCHNITTSTELLE _Form 98
all-round mill ULTIMATE TITAN _Form 14
window stop WINDOWSTOP _Deutscher Designer Club
pepper-, salt- & spicemill WOODSTICK Set of 2 mills _Form 14
pepper-, salt- & spicemill X-STICK Set of 2 mills _Form 12
door stop ZERBERUS _Design Plus 93
sugar sprinkler ZUCKERROHR _Form 94
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