Cracky / nutcracker

DescriptionCracky silver
Price29,00 EUR
DescriptionCracky white
Price29,00 EUR
DescriptionCracky black
Price29,00 EUR

Jack Mankiewicz

printed cottonbag

When Jack Mankiewicz presented the first prototype of his nutcracker to us in 2009, we were all enthusiastic right from the word go. CRACKY is an original and very unusual nutcracker - a merry monster, half laughing dolphin, half tyrannosaurus rex. But the important thing with nutcrackers is how well they work: CRACKY's outstanding feature is its mighty teeth, its gaping wide mouth that can effortlessly accommodate nuts of any size. Once these come between the large teeth, they are virtually incapable of further resistance. Also important for the way CRACKY works is the fact that its arms are held apart by an in-built spring, so its mouth always starts off wide open and always ready to grab a nut. Moderate force applied with one hand will suffice to crack the shell in precisely the right place, with the handles and the jaws only moving a few millimetres towards each other - you will love CRACKY.

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