Big Stand
Big Stand / door stop with handle extension

DescriptionBig Stand silver/black
Price89,00 EUR
DescriptionSmall Stand silber/black
Price75,00 EUR

Wolfgang Beiler-Schlehaider

folded box with plastic bag

This new and highly portable doorstopper does what it promises. Weighing in at a good four kilos, BIG STAND keeps even heavy doors in check, whilst its iron core, which is completely enveloped in slip-resistant rubber, is gentle on your door, even if it's made of glass. BIG STAND particularly likes to hold open terrace or balcony doors, and it's here that it shows its true greatness. And so that you don't have to bend down constantly, BIG STAND has a handle extension that gives it an overall height of 75 cm. Whether you use BIG STAND at home or in commercial buildings, you soon won't want to do without it. And for all those who prefer a smaller version, there's SMALL STAND, with all the advantages of its big brother, just without the handle extension.

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