Kerberos / door stop

DescriptionKerberos brushed L: 20mm
Price11,90 EUR
DescriptionKerberos brushed L: 50mm
Price18,90 EUR
DescriptionKerberos brushed L: 80mm
Price24,50 EUR
DescriptionKerberos polished L: 20mm
Price13,90 EUR
DescriptionKerberos polished L: 50mm
Price20,90 EUR
DescriptionKerberos polished L: 80mm
Price26,50 EUR
DescriptionKerberos V4A brushed L:20mm
Price19,90 EUR

Klaus Göbbels

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If floor mounting is out of the question, choose our wall door stoppers KERBEROS, which are available in three different lengths. These round wall door stoppers are made from solid stainless steel and are easily screwed into the wall invisibly using our in-house developed mounting solution. The rubber buffers on the tips of our KERBEROS protects your walls against damages. Using screws and dowels, the short KERBEROS stopper is mounted in such a manner that the door handle comes into contact with the rubber stopper. The longer pieces are designed to soften the impact of the door leaf. Includes mounting supplies.
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