Bath Bubble
Bath Bubble / bath tub thermometer

DescriptionBath Bubble lightblue
Price15,50 EUR
DescriptionBath Bubble pink
Price15,50 EUR
DescriptionBath Bubble black
Price15,50 EUR
DescriptionBath Bubble yellow
Price15,50 EUR

Isabel Hamm, Mark Gutjahr

Polyfoambox with sliding sleeve
Bathing fun for the entire family. Our floating bath tub thermometer BATH BUBBLE is available in pink and blue for little tykes and in black for those who already act all grown up - or in yellow for the family day in the tub. As BATH BUBBLE swims through your tub, it shows temperatures ranging from 10° C to 50° C on its easy to read scale. In addition, the different temperature levels are color coded.
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