Disc Classic
Disc Classic / garden thermometer

DescriptionDisc Classic ∅ 150mm
Price42,00 EUR
DescriptionDisc Classic ∅ 200mm
Price62,00 EUR

Isabel Hamm, Mark Gutjahr

carton with slip lid
Completely made from stainless steel and highly decorative, our DISC garden thermometers are true eye catchers. Proudly display one in your garden. They are completely weather and wind resistant. The scale is easy to read - even from a distance, thanks to the large black numbers that cover a temperature range from -50° C to +50°C. Install the garden thermometer at the height of your choice - it comes with five rods that you screw together. The maximum height, for which you will have to assemble all five rods, is about 1.20 m. Moreover, you can tilt the moving head by up to 180° and lock it into one of the pre-set incline point. DISC CLASSIC is available in 3 different disc diameters. Display: -50° to 50° C
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