Illuminator / garden torch

Price39,90 EUR
DescriptionAccessory: rod-set
Price24,00 EUR

Isabel Hamm, Manfred von Heereman

carton with slip lid
Aladin sends his best regards. Our garden torch is made from stainless steel and boasts masterfully designed functions. Whether you place it on a table or set it up on its own stand (rod set and sharp tipped ground rod available as accessories), ILLUMINATOR will light up any outdoor space like a modern miracle lamp. A protective cap secures the fiber glass wick whenever your ILLUMINATOR is not in use. The lamp's oil filling hole, which is located right next to the wick, is secured with a screw on lid. If it is properly filled, your ILLUMINATOR can be counted on to do just one thing - it will keep on burning - and could very well do so for 1,000 and one nights....
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