Multihook / wardrobeset with steel cable system and 3 Hooks

DescriptionMultihook basic set
Price35,00 EUR
DescriptionMultihook additional set with 3 hooks
Price24,00 EUR

Franz Maurer

folded box
Multihook Wardrobe system Behind the Multihook name lies an ingenious and very practical suspended hanging system. At Multihook's core is a pressed part or hook made of 6mm round stainless steel. These hooks are bent in such a way that they can be hung from each other (you could virtually form an endless chain with them), and then each hook always has two protruding ends on which all kinds of things can then be hung. The end of the brush-finish hooks are rounded to form a hemisphere, which means that it's also impossible for any damage to be caused by sharp edges. In addition, the hooks come with coloured caps which can be placed onto the ends if you wish, depending on your personal preference. This means that you can for example also assign the individual hooks to different people or uses. A three-hook set always comes with six black caps and two in each of the colours mauve, green and light blue. Multihook is mounted on the ceiling using eye bolts and rawlplugs and then suspended from it using a stainless steel wire system. The uppermost hook is hung from the ready-made loop of the wire rope system, and the length of the suspension is infinitely adjustable using a rope clamp tool. The possible uses of Multihook are more than varied! Whether as a complete space-saving wardrobe, for a small handbag collection, for belts and caps, or in the kitchen for pans etc.... Experience shows that each person devises his own quite special use for Multihook. We love seeing what people come up with! Multihook is supplied as a basic set with three hooks (together with fit-on coloured caps) and the wire rope suspension system (ceiling button and rawlplug for concrete ceilings and stainless steel wire (L: 120 cm) plus clamp tool). An additional set of a further three hooks is available. Multihook is designed to carry a weight of up to 20 kg. DESIGN: Franz Maurer - Vienna
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