BBQToGo / Pepper -, salt - and spicemill

Descriptionstainless steel blank
Price59,00 EUR
Descriptionstainless steel labeled
Price59,00 EUR
DescriptionBBQTOGO dark oak blank
Price59,00 EUR
DescriptionBBQTOGO dark oak labeled
Price59,00 EUR


folded box
As evident from its name, when developing BBQTOGO, we placed special emphasis on a design that would be easy to take with you. This concept is underscored by the materials used and the surfaces, as well as the engineering of the tool.
The BBQTOGO body is made of burnished stainless steel piping. The surface is very forgiving and will not show small scratches. The combination of the rustic oak wood head gives the mill a vintage/ used look from the start and it will retain this appearance for its entire useful life.
The key technical aspect is the narrow disk at the bottom of the mill, which has milled edges. When the mill is turned to lock, it seals the mill tightly so that the products to be ground cannot fall out. In order for the mill to be securely sealed it is not absolutely necessary for the gap between the disk and the pipe to be closed completely. In fact, this is not even possible while grinding product residue remains in the grinder. Screwing the mill into the locked position simply applies enough pressure to the grinder to ensure that the residue cannot fall out.
Hence, you can carry BBQTOGO with you in any bag - no additional packaging required. It will not spill residue into the areas around it!
When you are ready to use your BBQTOGO, simply turn the disk counter clockwise (this does not mean you should unscrew it - the disk must always stay mounted to the mill). In this position, the ground product will fall through the slit between the disk and the piping. Also use this disk to set up the coarseness level. The wider you open the slit by turning, the coarser the grind will be.
To fill your BBQTOGO mill, simply pull off the head. Thanks to the fact that we have placed the coarseness level controls in the bottom, you will not have to loosen any screws to do this.
The design of the mill paired with its sensational and proven X-METAL grinder made of premium quality surgical stainless steel and the double bearing of the grinder axis, grinding pepper, salt and spice blends is now easier than ever - whenever and wherever you have a need for great seasoning results.
As soon as you try one, you will be amazed by the practicality of this mill! BBQTOGO is available with and without labeling on its stainless steel piping. Made in Europe.
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