Champian / Champagne stopper

Descriptionstainless steel satin black
Price20,00 EUR
Descriptionstainless steel satin light green
Price20,00 EUR
Descriptionstainless steel satin red
Price20,00 EUR
Descriptionstainless steel satin white
Price20,00 EUR
Descriptionstainless steel brushed black
Price20,00 EUR
Descriptionstainless steel brushed light green
Price20,00 EUR
Descriptionstainless steel brushed red
Price20,00 EUR
Descriptionstainless steel brushed white
Price20,00 EUR

Boris Pickenhagen

printed folded box
CHAMPIAN - the true sparkle retainer among bottle stoppers for champagne. Thanks to its closure system, CHAMPIAN seals sparkling wine and champagne bottles so tightly that not a single prickly sparkle will escape - for weeks to come!!! Actually, it is the carbonation itself that seals the bottle by pressing the specially shaped stopper closely to the bottleneck. Simply ingenious!
The exterior casing of CHAMPIAN is stainless steel material and comes with two different surfaces - traditional with all-over brushing or the modern matte alternative with a small polished edge - distinctly elegant! The cover made of glossy plastic material is available in four colors: black, light green, red and white. A true winner - made in Europe
Design: Boris Pickenhagen
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