Disc - Pino
Disc - Pino / bottle opener - champagne stopper

DescriptionDisc stainless steel
Price23,00 EUR
DescriptionDisc aluminium
Price18,00 EUR
DescriptionDisc silver plated
Price11,90 EUR
DescriptionDisc blue
Price9,90 EUR
DescriptionDisc with walnut stand
Price29,00 EUR
DescriptionPino brushed with walnut stand
Price35,00 EUR
DescriptionPino polished with walnut stand
Price35,00 EUR

Klaus Göbbels, Manfred von Heereman / AKANTUS

folded box
DISC and PINO - two originals
The DISC bottle opener and the PINO bottle cap are two of the most successful bar accessories of the 1990s. Both they have chalked up 9 international design awards due to their extraordinary functionality. At the time, the two products were developed, produced and marketed by two different companies - ODIN and AKANTUS. Now we have decided in conjunction with AKANTUS to bring out a new version. Both design classics are immediately available from ODIN in walnut displays.
PINO is simply suspended in the opened bottle, which it seals due to its weight and its food-safe rubber ring. In the case of carbonated drinks such as sparkling wine and champagne PINO additionally takes advantage of the so-called "silver spoon effect". This physical effect ensures to a remarkable degree in the case of PINO that if the bottle is not too empty a cushion of air is formed on the surface of the liquid which makes it more difficult for the carbon dioxide to escape. Due to the use of highly acid-resistant stainless steel PINO is absolutely corrosion-resistant.
All in all this ensures that drinks which are sealed using PINO remain tinglingly fresh for longer.
In the case of DISC what is so appealing is the simplicity of its contours and its associated functionality; you can't help wondering why no-one ever came up with the idea before. DISC is perfect in use and enables bottle tops to be opened with the utmost of ease and an almost ideal levering action, and consequently using very little force. A practised user no longer even has to look at the bottle while he is doing it, since due to its axially-symmetrical shape DISC operates on both sides and grips over a large area below the bottle top so that it doesn't slip.
What's more, both products are extremely comfortable to hold and are a must for any household where there is a love of good design.
DISC - design: ODIN, Klaus Göbbels and Manfred von Heereman
PINO - design: AKANTUS, Cornelius van den Hövel
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