Flystop / flytrap

DescriptionFlystop brushed
Price8,95 EUR

Henryk Wawrzyczek

Who has not experienced it? Hardly has the fresh fruit been decoratively arranged in the fruit basket, or else the wine glass filled up at home that they appear: The common fruit flies - also known as Drosophila melanogaster.
These flying midgets are in principle innocuous and harmless to humans, they nevertheless industriously spread pathogens and bacteria and are moreover ultimately also very annoying. FLYSTOP puts an end to these irritant plagues. Fill up a cup or glass with vinegar or balsamic vinegar (the "vinegar flies" love it) as a bait cocktail and add a drop of detergent (which lowers the surface tension so the flies go down) and then cover the cup or else glass with FLYSTOP. Place the aforementioned bait cocktail next to the fruit and all you now need to do is to wait and see what happens.
You can by the way also use FLYSTOP to keep larger insects away from your drinks on the terrace, during the summer. Purely simple but certainly very effective!
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