DescriptionHaley's Corker black
Price8,90 EUR
DescriptionHaley's Corker green
Price8,90 EUR
DescriptionHaley's Corker Set
Price17,80 EUR
DescriptionHaley's Corker Platinum black
Price15,50 EUR
DescriptionHaley's Corker Platinum green
Price15,50 EUR

Jean E. Haley

plastic bag
There are products which are incredibly practical, and the patented universal spout and bottle closure HALEY´S CORKER invented by Jean Haley is one of them. This small product can perform no less than five functions: with its inbuilt air tube, HALEY´S CORKER improves the taste and aroma of your wine when pouring it into the glass, while the integrated sieve catches cork particles, wine scale and other sediments. In summer, this sieve and the bottle closure also keep annoying insects away from the contents of your bottle when you are outside in the garden. HALEY´S CORKER shows its next quality when you pour the wine: drip-free pouring - the last drop always flows back into the bottle. Use HALEY´S CORKER as a replacement cork and problems with defective natural corks and other closures will be a thing of the past. HALEY´S CORKER even wins in the supreme discipline - storage: it is 100% leak-proof, even when the bottle is stored on its side! The opened bottle of wine will thank you with much better quality next day. These are also the reasons why HALEY´S CORKER is often used in the gastronomy industry and the tasting rooms of many wineries. HALEY´S CORKER is made of very high-quality plastic of a type normally used in the medical sector, and is 100% food-safe. HALEY´S CORKER is ideal for all red and white wine, spumante, champagne and prosecco bottles but can also be used with olive oil and vinegar bottles as well as spirits. The green CORKER can be used on screw-top bottles. Now you know what we mean by practical. Made in USA
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