HOT CUBE / Trivet

DescriptionHot Cube - 9 cubes with stainless steel
Price34,90 EUR
DescriptionHot Cube - 15 cubes with stainless steel
Price49,90 EUR
DescriptionHot Cube - 9 cubes without stainless steel
Price29,90 EUR
DescriptionHot Cube - 15 cubes without stainless steel
Price44,90 EUR

Jürgen R. Schebendach

Folded Box
HOT CUBE - a really cool pan trivet! Perfectly crafted cubes made of walnut wood and stainless steel are strung together on a cord and kept at a precise distance from one another with tiny springs - simply beautiful. Placed casually on your worktop, HOT CUBE protects tables and kitchen counters from heat while the even surface of the cubes makes sure your pan doesn´t slip. As flexible as a snake, HOT CUBE adjusts to any size and shape of pan; after use, it can be hidden in a drawer, or even better, hung from the two loops on a hook so that it´s always ready to hand. HOT CUBE is available in 2 sizes: with 9 cubes for single pots and pans, and with 15 cubes for large roasting pans or two saucepans. The design and perfect craftsmanship using high-quality walnut wood and stainless steel make HOT CUBE an ornament to any perfectly laid table. Made in Europe
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