LONGLEVER / Corkscrew

DescriptionLonglever chrome platted
Price19,90 EUR
DescriptionLonglever yellow
Price19,90 EUR
DescriptionLonglever red
Price19,90 EUR
DescriptionLonglever green
Price19,90 EUR
DescriptionLonglever purple
Price19,90 EUR
DescriptionLonglever blue
Price19,90 EUR

roll of polypropylene
Yet another corkscrew... and a truly outstanding one! Not without reason was LONGLEVER recognized by the A.I.S. (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers) in Italy, the official Italian association of sommeliers, as one of the best corkscrews in the world; since then, it has been designated the official A.I.S. corkscrew. The double hub mechanism gently draws all corks out of the bottles while keeping them absolutely vertical. The cork is loosened by operating the short lever against the neck of the bottle (this lever also ensures that the shaft can be twisted deep enough into the cork right from the beginning if the cork is longer than usual, eliminating any risk that the cork could disintegrate), and then pulled out vertically using the long lever. With its extra-long grip, LONGLEVER is held close to the neck of the bottle and prevents you touching the rim with your hands once it is open. LONGLEVER also opens spumante, champagne and prosecco bottles with ease - cork removal for professionals. LONGLEVER's profile is reminiscent of a parrot; it is available in 6 metallic colours: red, yellow, green, blue, violet and chrome. Made in Europe
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