Woodstick / mill

DescriptionWoodstick dark oak
Price39,90 EUR
DescriptionWoodstick light oak
Price39,90 EUR
DescriptionWoodstick Set of 2 mills dark/light oak
Price85,00 EUR


cardboard box
Small but mighty! - Our pepper, salt und spice grinder WOODSTICK. The body of the WOODSTICK is made of stainless steel, whereby the surface is elaborately finely brushed lengthwise and provided with a fine satin finish. The rotary knob is made of sand-blasted oak wood; this closes the filling space and can be easily completely pulled off from the top for filling up. This has been made possible on account of the fact that we have moved the adjustment for the fineness of grind as well as the bearing of the axis downwards - such that the fineness of grind can be adjusted very comfortably over the large wing nut at the bottom. The dimensions of WOODSTICK have been designed to comply with state of the art ergonomic principles; the body and the rotary knob are to this end of similar length, so that both fit perfectly in any hand. This as such also the makes grinding of larger quantities a cinch.
What however constitutes the heart of the WOODSTICK is our sensational grinding mechanism made of absolutely corrosion-proof stainless steel, the X-Metal. With the aforementioned not only pepper as well as salt, but also spices as well as spice blends made from pepper and salt can be ground, or as we prefer to say - cut. This is because everything can be cut into any arbitrary degree of fineness, without thereby making a mash out of the material that is intended to be cut. An in essence all-round grinding mechanism - that is moreover exclusively provided for use in ODIN-mills and by Ingo Holland! WOODSTICK is individually available in light or dark oak wood, in order to be able to easily distinguish between the different pepper-, salt- and spice varieties or as a set of 2 as showcased.
Made in Europe
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