J-Hook / mobile hook for bags, jackets and as keyring

DescriptionJ-Hook brused
Price14,50 EUR
DescriptionJ-Hook polished
Price14,50 EUR

Franz Maurer

gift card
It's all in the name. A mobile, J-shaped small hook made of stainless steel for him and her that you can take anywhere with you - in your handbag, in a jacket or as a key ring, always discreet, space-saving and flat, never obtrusive and very light and extremely stable - as well as being manufactured to the highest of standards. J-Hook always remains discrete, especially in its true role; on the table or the counter top the small strip of stainless steel with its black stripes remains almost invisible and is very reticent about revealing its quality. The strips are fine rubber rings which ensure that it grips securely and prevent it from falling off, so the small hook always remains firmly in place. The material that it is made from and its shape then ensure that it grips the underside of the table firmly - even heavy bags and jackets can be hung on a J-Hook without worrying about their weight. This means that the things that are precious to you are always protected from other people's acquisitive instincts where you can keep an eye on them. At the bar, without you having to keep everything on you or in your hand, and when you're seated at a table, without having to put your valuables on the floor. How many times have you simply not known where to put your belongings? J-Hook comes in a choice of matt satin finish or a high-gloss version. It is always supplied in a presentation envelope together with a key ring on a gift card that is illustrated in a highly original manner. DESIGN: Franz Maurer - Vienna
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